Data Distributors & Value Added Resellers

Oceanwise MarineFIND

FIND Mapping

Established in 2006 and provides both an online mapping portal and mapping consultancy to a wide range of professionals. FIND specialises in advanced, state-of-the-art mapping technology underpinned by comprehensive client support and close relationships with the UK’s most reputable data providers. MarineFIND data is an important part of this capability as it is critical to the planning, management, operation and sustainable exploitation of our marine resources. Its datasets and web services easily integrate into its clients GIS and web applications. or

Ocean Wise Emapsite


emapsite is a leading exponent of online geographic data solutions providing services and solutions enhancing decision support through location data provisioning. Established in 1999 to address the growing need for near-real-time access to and acquisition of geographic information for professional map users, we now provide comprehensive location intelligence tools, components and content of the highest standard across all commercial environments and applications. emapsite’s unique Marine Web Map Service delivering rendered OceanWise Marine Themes data into your own website and applications.

Europa Technologies

Europa Technologies is a multi-award winning map data manufacturer and service supplier. Its products are used by many leading public and private sector organisations and are featured on leading mapping services, including Google Earth & Maps. Its viaEuropa service facilitates the consumption of OceanWise data as a service, enabling end-users to consume the data directly into their choice of desktop mapping application or web mapping API. This may optionally be combined with land mapping, such as that from Ordnance Survey, to provide a comprehensive view of the coastal environment.

Ocean Wise Geomod


Geomod, based in Lyon and Brest in France, is a publisher and distributor of software in the fields of terrestrial and marine geomatics. Geomod make OceanWise datasets available to those in France and other parts of Europe. It also distributes modelling software primarily for scientific applications with high added-value. Geomod also provides services (specific developments, training and support) in these areas through its motivated, experienced and responsive technical team with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

OceanWise Chart World

ChartWorld International

ChartWorld International, formed in 2002, is based in Hamburg, Germany. It is a service provider, supplying the shipping industry with navigation systems, charts and publications for SOLAS vessels, inland waterway crafts, yachts and workboats. Chart World’s product portfolio includes the full range of navigational data and publications, Navionics digital charts in S-63 format, their own range of ChartWorld digital charts in both SENC and S-63, and Inland ENCs for a number of key regions around the world and now provide Marine Themes data to non- navigational users in Europe.

Ocean Wise Digimap


DigiMap and Digimap (Jersey) specialises in creating mapping solutions and providing digital maps of the Channel Islands. DigiMap is responsible for the marketing, sale and distribution of both the Guernsey Bailiwick mapping, created by the States of Guernsey and the Jersey Mapping, created by the States of Jersey. Digimap has now expanded its portfolio to include the coastal and offshore mapping products of OceanWise Ltd.


Getmapping Plc is a leading provider of aerial photography, LiDAR, digital mapping and web based services across the UK, Europe and Africa. Based in Hampshire, it provides easy access to digital data services across a wide variety of markets including local authorities, central government, property and construction, mining, environmental consultants, press and media, as well as providing planning services to the general public.

Software and Service Distributors

All-Star Technology Corporation

Founded in 1992, All-Star Technology Corporation is based in Taipei, Taiwan, and operates in the oceanographic and hydrographic sectors, providing high quality instruments and equipment for the related application fields such as environment and disaster prevention monitoring. It provides advanced instrumentation and technology to provide the planning, design, implementation, installation, testing, analysis, report, maintenance and technical services for wave, tide, current and meteorological monitoring of oceans and harbours.

GeoMarine Instruments Co. Ltd

Geo Marine Instrument Co. Ltd is part of Geo Marine Sea Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 1999 in Hong Kong with branch offices in Shanghai. It is active in marine science and technology, equipment technology providing for ocean mapping, marine geophysical exploration, physical oceanography, underwater engineering, through water and underwater positioning guidance. Its products are used in ocean mapping, marine geophysical exploration, physical oceanography, underwater engineering, communications and navigation and for positioning on the surface and underwater.


Hi-Target Survey Instruments Company Ltd was established in 1999. Based in Jiangsu, China, the company is active in the GNSS high-tech technology industry, from development, production to marketing and sales. It has established a nationwide sales and service network with 30 branches and 7 technical service centres. Its subsidiary, Hi-Target Marine Information Technology Co Ltd provides and distributes marine engineering applications, integrated systems, marine surveying and mapping software products.

Hydronav OceanWise


Hydronav, based in Asia specializes in the sales and rental of advanced land survey and mapping equipment, oceanographic, hydrographic and geophysical instruments. It provides access in the region to OceanWise’s environmental data sharing and publishing services and systems in support of oil and gas exploration, pipeline construction, land and sea pipelines and cables and harbour developments.


Hydrosphere is the UK and Ireland’s leading supplier of aids to navigation, providing high quality, reliable and cost-effective marine services. It is also a world-leading innovator in the production of navigation lights, navigation buoys, data buoy platforms, mooring buoys, moorings, zone marking buoys, fog signals and radar reflectors. Hydrosphere also design, manufacture and install ancillary equipment such as power supplies, monitoring and control systems, and masts.

Ocean Wise GPS


GPS, Geofisca y Posionamiento Satelital, C.A. is a leading provider in Venezuela of communications, satellite and cellular tracking systems for navigation and berthing as well as supplying specialist services supporting hydrography, oceanography, geodesy, geophysics and hydrometrics. GPS provides OceanWise oceanographic systems and services, data management skills as well as met-ocean instruments as an integrated solution to clients.

Measutronics Corporation

Measutronics provides services to the marine construction, hydrographic survey, dredging and offshore structural monitoring industries. Based in Lakeland, Florida, USA, it has since 2001 been helping contractors by offering quality equipment from industry leading manufacturers as well as installation, training and ongoing support.

RS Aqua Ltd

RS Aqua Ltd has been extensively involved in the “ocean” and “environmental” markets since 1982. The company has in-depth experience of all aspects of operational, engineering and project management requirements associated with “measurements at sea”. The company represents the interests of some of the world’s leading ocean equipment manufacturers via sales, hire, service, calibration and spares facilities covering Ocean Research, Coastal Monitoring, Offshore Renewable Energy, Civil Engineering, Academia, Dredging, Offshore Oil & Gas, Port Operations, Environmental Survey, Impact Assessment, Pollution Control, Water Production & Management, Fish Farming and Weather Forecasting.

Oceanwise Seatronics


Seatronics, global leaders in the rental and sale of marine electronic equipment, specialises in a range of applications such as geophysical survey, navigation and positioning, oceanographic systems, video inspection, ROV survey, tooling and diving and non-destructive testing. It also provides OceanWise’s environmental data sharing and publishing systems and services as well as, with OceanWise, the design, installation, testing and monitoring of coastal and offshore data management projects.


VIETNAV, a leading marine supplier in Vietnam, specialises in providing marine technology solutions, developing and implementing marine databases and integrated navigation systems. It also offers specific softwares, hydrographic equipments, charts and publications for SOLAS vessels. And now it presents OceanWise model of Maritime Information Infrastructure to ports and harbours as a productive integrated solution.