Data Management

OceanWise Testimonial

“The work that OceanWise  does in data management epitomises the way in which the hydrographic community should be moving in the twenty first century.”

Robert Ward – President

International Hydrographic Organisation

GIS Training

OceanWise Testimonial

“We’ve got pretty stuck into Cadcorp since your visit, having got an enormous amount of value from your day with us. Many thanks for putting together such a good first course for us.”

Harriet Knowles – Environment Manager

Falmouth Harbour Commissioners


“I’d also like to thank you for your excellent tuition on Monday and Tuesday for helping me make sense of the basics of Cadcorp in that short space of time.”

Lisa Symes – Design Engineer

Subsea Asset Location Technologies

GIS Projects and Mentoring

OceanWise Testimonial

“Peel Ports and OceanWise have shared a successful relationship over a number of years to unlock the potential of GIS to the relatively new area of port and harbours. With the group led approach to hydrographic and dredging services, the smooth transition to a GIS charting provision, aided by OceanWise, is another piece of the jigsaw for all department functions to be handled by GIS in the future.”

Russell Bird – Group Hydrographic and Dredging Manager
Peel Ports

Maritime Toolbar – Bathy ENC Creation

OceanWise Testimonial

“We have found the high resolution Port Electronic Navigational Chart (pENC) created by OceanWise has proved an essential new tool in our ability to safely navigate vessels within the River Clyde. Being able to get detailed up-to-date information from our in house Survey team, compared to a standard ENC, into our Portable Pilotage Unit (PPU) has made us more confident in manoeuvring larger ships in confined spaces.”

Gillan Locke – Marine Officer

Peel Ports Clydeport

Maritime Toolbar – Workflow Extensions

OceanWise Testimonial

“We already thought GIS could help improve the way we worked with data.  However, OceanWise’s expertise, industry knowledge and software tools have allowed us to realise these improvements in an incremental way. We look forward to continuing our relationship with OceanWise in the future.”

Douglas Hoad – Hydrographic and Dredging Manager

Peel Ports Clydeport


“GIS and in particular the specialist maritime tools and expertise provided by OceanWise are now integral to our operations. We have replaced our old paper and spreadsheet based systems with centralised data and information management and access. This system is now reaping wide benefits across the port. Ensuring the safety for all users in the port is paramount and I am pleased that ABP Southampton with the help of OceanWise has been one of the first ports in the UK, to benefit from this modern approach.”

Maik Weidt – Port Hydrographer
ABP Southampton

Environmental Data Sharing and Publishing – Port of London Tidal System

OceanWise Testimonial

“The complexity of designing and installing a new Tidal Management and Monitoring System covering such a large geographic area, with sensors in remote and inhospitable sites, whilst maintaining a 24/7 operation over linked radio systems should not be under-estimated. Access, permissions and power supplies all took considerable planning, so the installation took several months to complete and successfully test. During this period the UK’s 2nd largest port operated as normal!”

Steve Strickland – Project Manager, Navigation Systems Engineering

Port of London Authority

Capacity Building and Training

OceanWise Testimonial

“The level of instruction and presentation on the Course was the very best and easy to understand. The course organisation was excellent – well done OceanWise!”

Mr Haji Asrahwi bin Haji Ahmad Bujang – Senior Surveyor,

Ministry of Development, Brunei.


“I would like to thank you both for the time and effort you put into helping Ramli Mohd during his visit to your office.  His report on the visit was full of praise for the time you both spent helping him and the knowledge you shared with him.”

Rochelle Wigley,

Nippon Foundation & GEBCO


“Thank you guys, the Marine SDI workshop discussion groups were brilliant. The explanations of what an SDI is all about were easily understood and the interactive break-out sessions helped people identify with their day to day challenges and how they might be addressed.”

Roger Longhorn – Secretary-General,

Global Spatial Data Infrastructure (GSDI) Association

Marine Data

OceanWise Testimonial

“The Marine Themes data layers are central to many of our projects, offering suitably scaled and structured vector layers covering the key offshore data themes. We have found attributes to be fully complete and duplicate features from different sources removed from individual datasets to provide a more seamless and logical end product compared to our experience of data offered from other providers. Marine Themes data layers have also been much more competitively priced. Fugro EMU will continue to use OceanWise’s marine products and we would certainly recommend them to other users working in the offshore sector.”

Richard Marlow, Deputy GIS Manager,

Fugro EMU.