Embracing Change – Can Covid-19 restrictions actually lead to expansion?


Adapting to change has always been key to achieving ongoing business success. In early 2020, the world had a stark wakeup call with the realisation that Covid-19 was not something that was going to pass quickly or be tackled easily. Many businesses that could, had to adapt to new ways of working almost overnight. As the weeks passed, it became clear that if you didn’t adapt you may struggle to survive.

OceanWise was no different and we had to quickly asses our services to ensure we were able to continue to support our customers throughout the lockdown whilst complying with social distancing and other measures to keep our staff and our customers safe.

Amongst other services, it was paramount that provision of the OceanWise data platform ‘Port-Log’ which delivers real-time environmental data to many ports in the UK and around the world, would not be interrupted by restrictions imposed during the pandemic.

A lot of what we do, including Port-Log is accessed, and can be maintained online, but what about our other services like site surveys, installations and system maintenance – these can’t be done remotely…or could they? It would certainly be more of a challenge but it might just be possible and if we can get it right, could this forced adaption actually lead to a positive expansion of our portfolio and help us reach new customers?

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