Peel Ports trust OceanWise for New Tide and Weather Data System


Peel Ports has chosen Port-Log, our cloud based Environmental Data Management and Publishing platform, to store and disseminate tide gauge and weather station data across all its ports. Port-Log will acquire data from PeelÔÇÖs existing network of sensors, using the ip.buffer Smart Telemetry unit. The system also has the capacity to add new types of sensors, such as wave and current meters, as and when these may be required.

Peel Ports existing tide system suffered from unreliable display mechanisms. By using Port-Log, Peel Ports now has access to live data on a 24/7 basis for port operations and historical data for long term tidal analysis (thereby enabling more accurate predictions). Work at the Ports of Liverpool and Heysham, and at the Burbo Bank Wind Farm, has been completed with the intention to roll out the system across the rest of the Peel Group over the coming months.

By opting for a cloud based subscription service, Peel Ports is benefiting from a quick and reliable on-line hosted service with inbuilt redundancy and secure data storage. As a result they have removed the need to purchase, install, connect and setup a new server or worry about upgrading and updating existing hardware/software. Moving to a simple subscription model has significantly reduced the cost of the project. Another great benefit of the Port-Log service is its ability to integrate with almost any sensor so, excluding cases where an existing sensor had failed, we were able to use all the existing hardware, eliminating additional costs from the project.

Russell Bird, Group Hydrography & Dredging Manager, stated, ÔÇ£We chose to act as our tidal display system because we didnÔÇÖt have to replace our existing sensors and the subscription service means we donÔÇÖt have the overheads of management of the system. Having worked with OceanWise for a number of years now we trust their extensive knowledge to support the systems we require.ÔÇØ

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