OceanWise data enhances Scottish Government Marine Planning website


Our latest mapping data product, Raster Charts XL (eXcluding Land), has recently been implemented as a background layer within the Scottish Government National Marine Plan interactive (NMPi) website. The NMPi, designed to assist in the development of national and regional marine planning, allows users to examine different types of geographical information online. Links have been provided to the related parts of ScotlandÔÇÖs Marine Atlas and will also be provided to the National Marine Plan in due course.

Served as a Tile Map Service (TMS), NMPi combines Raster Charts XL and the OceanWise Digital Elevation Model (DEM) with various other land mapping products from Open Street Map and Ordnance Survey to provide alternative background mapping. This important development enables a seamless transition in the coastal zone between land and sea mapping whilst providing a familiar maritime ÔÇ£look and feelÔÇØ for a wide variety of website users. Raster Charts XL also provides improved context for other marine datasets in the NMPi.

We have been providing marine data as part of the Scottish Government Framework since 2014 and are pleased to announce that this arrangement has been renewed for a further two years to 2018.

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