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The Importance of Data Management to Environmental Monitoring

Mike Osborne discusses how managing real-time data properly can deliver significant benefits to reporting and compliance for engineering, construction and conservation projects.

  June 2017
  ECO - Environment, Coastal and Offshore Magazine
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The Need for Data Management

Mike Osborne gives his view on the growing importance of data management in the marine and maritime domain.

  May 2017
  Sea Technology - Guest Editorial
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Don’t Just Monitor It, Manage It!

Mike Osborne writes about a new data-centric approach to information management for maritime operations and projects.

  March-April 2017
  International Ocean Systems
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Multi-Purpose ENCs for Ports

Mike Osborne explains the value of ports creating and maintaining their own electronic navigational charts, and provides guidance on how to do this.

  March-April 2017
  Hydro International
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