Instrument Enclosures

Protection for your Monitoring Equipment

Suitable protection for scientific and telemetry equipment is an essential component of any environmental monitoring system, onshore and offshore. OceanWise is able to provide advice as part of our system design service and optionally provide suitable enclosures for different environments and installation types. There are currently two types of enclosure available:

  • A standard monobloc enclosure for temperate climates
  • A vented enclosure for hot climates where the maximum ambient temperature regularly exceeds 35°C (95°F)

Our enclosures are configured to work seamlessly with OceanWise’s Environmental Data Sharing and Publishing solutions: and Port-Log System. For example, an intruder switch, which when opened and closed, records a flag in Ocean Database and raises an alert on Port-Log, sending an email or SMS to authorised users. Other key benefits include:

  • Integral component of your environmental monitoring system
  • Proven materials and technologies from established manufacturers
  • Tested in marine and other harsh environments
  • Mountings and glands support different equipment configurations
  • Security features e.g. door switches incorporated into and Port-Log System
  • Off-the-shelf enclosure complies with EMC industrial and other standards

Further information on our enclosures can be obtained by downloading the information sheet or by contacting OceanWise directly.