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OceanWise and State 21 re-affirm their partnership

Ahead of the UK Harbour Masters Association’s 2018 London Conference, State 21 and OceanWise re-affirmed their continuing partnership. Richard Rowland, Managing Director of State 21 said ‘We are proud to work jointly with OceanWise as we share common values and views on enhancing safety in ports and harbours. Enhancing knowledge and skills has never been more important and we work hard to ensure that the right people have the right information to hand, as and when they need it.

Mike Osborne, Managing Director of OceanWise, commented ‘At OceanWise we believe data management and visualisation should not only deliver efficiencies and look good, but be aligned with our customer’s business objectives. State 21 is able to help OceanWise deliver online information systems that mirror our customers’ processes, such as for incident logging and reporting, as well as for general situational awareness, as these processes evolve and are implemented’.

For more information on State 21 please visit their website at http://www.state21.co.uk/ or contact Richard at State 21 on 07715 973965 / richard.rowland@state21.co.uk.

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