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‘A view from New York’ – John Pepper reviews the latest UN-GGIM meeting in New York

OceanWise, as a member of the UN-GGIM Private Sector Network (PSN) and the Working Group on Marine Geospatial Information (MG-MGI) attended the UN-GGIM Session 9 in New York on 5-9 August 2019. John Pepper attended two side meetings of the WG-MGI to confirm the requirements needed to deliver its 2020 work plan. A case study has been developed by the group for the sharing and re-use of data to support Disaster Response. The work plan was unanimously accepted by delegates in the plenary session.

John also attended a session on the role of Standards in Geospatial Data hosted by the OGC. OceanWise has provided a sample case study, based on OceanWise mapping data, to show what can be done to enable effective Marine Planning. This important activity relies on data being made available, accessible and shared on a common platform using acknowledged standards to enable decisions regarding a nation’s sea-space for the purposes of conservation, energy production, fishing, ecosystem management and tourism.

The standards necessary to enable the successful delivery of the UN SDG’s was amplified by Dr Mathias Jonas, Secretary General of the International Hydrographic Organisation, who detailed the critical nature of open international standards and the work of the IHO.

OceanWise has now joined the UN-GGIM Europe and Africa groups, with the objective of providing its marine data expertise and guidance in the delivery of open and accessible data supporting future national programmes in those regions.

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