Marine Themes

Comprehensive, flexible and intelligent marine mapping at an attractive price.

Marine Themes is our vector dataset derived in part from authoritative vector based material obtained from the UK and other Hydrographic Offices alongside comprehensive source data where it is available.

It is engineered into logical data layers for easy loading and efficient use in GIS. With a simplified set of attributes and chart boundaries removed it creates a more appropriate dataset for analysis than others on the market.

Marine geographical features are grouped according to type as follows:

Elevation • Shipwrecks and Obstructions • Industrial Facilities
Transport • Administrative and Management Units • Geographical Regions

These data layers provide a comprehensive marine map and are ideal for applications where features need to be selectively displayed or analysed to create derived outputs or as a reference base for alternatively sourced or additional data layers.

Suitable symbology is provided as standard (e.g. ESRI Layer Files, Cadcorp NOL file) meaning that the data is ready for immediate use in GIS. Alternative symbology can be provided on request.

Sample data is available from our Downloads page.

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View Marine Themes Metadata on the MEDIN portal or visit our Downloads page for XML or CSV format files