Data Policy, Strategy and Management Systems

Advice and Guidance

We provide advice and guidance to enable clients to plan, develop and implement data policies and strategies, data management systems, database design and Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI). With over 100 years combined experience working in the Information industry in the UK and overseas, we offer services tailored to your individual organisations needs with the aim of delivering “best practise” using lean thinking principles. This enables the focus of management to adapt from employing separate technologies and assets across different departments, to optimising the flow of information and services through the business to where it is most needed and where it can be effectively managed.

Change Management

This is provided where the need for personal or organisational change is a necessary pre-requisite to enable that organisation to move forward. It may be embracing new technologies or new management techniques which need to be brought about in a sustainable way by exploring the dynamics of the organisation, its culture and its ethos and indicating how “change” might be enabled.

Management Briefings

These briefings can be delivered to inform management about new data technologies, innovative design, standards and applications or new ways of working on subjects such as Linked and Open Data which will improve business efficiencies. They will guide you on what is available and the benefits this can bring without being overly technical.