Data Management is critical to the health of any organisation whether in the public or private sector but often, data, or information, is managed in a way that makes operational effectiveness difficult.

Managing scientific and technical data in the marine environment presents an even greater challenge due to the often complex nature of that data. Not only does it have a geospatial context but also a time element, it covers many disciplines and is often held in a fragmented manner with no responsible management.

OceanWise offers a range of data management services in the following areas;

Technical Training
Short courses providing hands-on experience using GIS software and applications.

Management Training
Short courses and briefing sessions on technical subjects aimed at extracting more utility from the information an organisation may hold (e.g. Open and Linked Data).

Advice and Guidance 
Assisting organisations plan for the future by developing data policies and strategies to enable improved ways of working.

Capacity Building
Working with organisations that are new to the management of data or where staff require additional support to enable them to manage data in new ways.

Mentoring and Coaching 
Providing one-to-one or one-to-many assistance to practitioners, managers and directors to overcome specific challenges they or their organisations face in achieving best practise.

Spatial Databases, GIS Projects & Map Creation
Provide assistance at any stage of a project, from initial database design to implementation and data publishing. If you don’t have the time and resources in-house then talk to us about providing database and GIS services.