Become a Partner

Collaborate with us to help you grow your business

Organisations wishing to collaborate with OceanWise to develop products and services in response to new and emerging opportunities, or to resell our products and services to end users or build our products and services to develop added value applications, are invited to apply to become an OceanWise Licensed Partner.

By becoming an OceanWise Licensed Partner, you will benefit from:

  • Access to OceanWise’ markets and insights
  • Access to our products and services for evaluation and demonstration purposes
  • Early insight to product developments via our Partner e-Newsletter
  • Promotional opportunities for your business including a free listing in our Partner Directory and speaking and exhibiting at OceanWise events.
  • Brand association via use of our Licensed Partner logo on your products and promotional collateral
  • Technical support via our technical product team for advice and guidance
  • Account management to help maximise your revenue potential including the best products to use and licensing options
  • Marketing support by working together to create joint case studies, press releases and campaign plans.

We have several types of Licensed Partner to cover a range of relationships:

Collaborator  – if you wish to collaborate and share information with us for our mutual benefit, possibly to support joint bids on a particular project, or to investigate potential new products or services.

Reseller – if you wish to resell any of our products and services to your customers. This includes reselling of web services but NOT using data in third party applications which are then sold on.

Integrator – If you wish to use our products within your own desktop or web based applications and sell on the resultant application to your customers.

Training – if you wish to work with us to develop and deliver training courses.

User – if you wish to use our products in derived outputs which are sold on to your customers (e.g. in Reports), you will have to first become a Reseller/Integrator.

If you are  interested in becoming a partner, please download and complete Part 1 of this form (Expression of Interest and Confidentiality Agreement) only and e-mail the part-completed document to us using the email address