Technical Training

Marine data management and decision support, including GIS

OceanWise provides instructor led and web based training and mentoring on all aspects of marine data management and decision support, including GIS.

Our courses are tailored to meet the specific needs of the marine and maritime sectors.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Training

We can offer varying levels of GIS training – from elementary learning about GIS through to more detailed expert level guidance.

Most GIS software training is developed and targeted towards managing terrestrial assets. We target our training and mentoring to those working in the marine environment, which has its own specific challenges. As marine data experts, we have worked with various GIS platforms, specifically Esri, Cadcorp, MapInfo and QGIS. We can help you apply these systems to manage and manipulate marine and environmental data while implementing best practice.

Therefore, all our courses have a marine focus – using marine data for examples and exercises so you use data familiar to your environment. Our GIS trainers are all experienced marine users so can talk to you with an understanding about specific issues faced in the marine environment – be it shoal bias or complex coordinate reference systems (CRS).

Our standard courses always allow some time for specific user interaction to ensure the questions you have are answered. Alternatively we can provide customised training programmes which are specific to your needs.

A typical course is our ‘Introduction to GIS using Cadcorp SIS’ course. Please visit the our Courses page for the latest list of our training courses and events.

Mentoring and Coaching

Our support continues beyond the training course. We can advise and mentor you, and undertake various GIS related tasks on your behalf, until your capability and confidence improves.

We can provide one-to-one or one-to-many assistance – tailored to practitioners, managers or directors – to overcome specific challenges you or your organisation face in achieving best practise.

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