Training and Mentoring

OceanWise provides instructor led and web based training and mentoring on all aspects of marine data management and decision support, including GIS.

Our courses are tailored to meet the specific needs of the marine and maritime sectors. Our eLearning environment includes instructor led course training material, discussion forums and a mentoring component that helps deliver successful outcomes for the long-term.

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GIS Training

We can offer varying levels of GIS training – from a complete novice learning about GIS through to more detailed expert level guidance. All our courses have a marine focus – using Marine data for examples and exercises so you use data familiar to your environment. Our GIS trainers are all experienced mariners so can talk to you with understanding about specific issues faced by the marine environment – be it shoal bias or complex coordinate systems. Our standard courses always allow some time for specific user requirements to ensure the questions you have get answered. Alternatively we can provide customised training which are specific to your needs. Our support continues beyond the training course. We can advise and mentor you, and undertake various tasks on your behalf, until your capability and confidence improve.

Data Management Training

We provide data management training tailored to your specific organisational requirements, whether in the form of capacity building or in assisting your organisation to adapt to new governance, technology, standards or specifications in order to gain operational efficiencies in your business. The aim of such training is to assist you to develop your understanding to achieve up-to-date and cost effective “best practise” and in doing so, equip you to better meet the challenges that you might face in the way your data is created, managed and published, whether using proprietary or open source software as an enabler.

IHO Capacity Building Training Courses

We are proud to act as expert contributors to the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) world- wide Capacity Building Programme, providing vital training to its Regional Hydrographic Commissions (RHC) across the world, in Data Management and Database Design as well as developing Marine Spatial Data Infrastructures (MSDI), the aim of which is to enable greater access to, and sharing and exchange of geospatial data at an organisational, country or regional level, in a way that promotes and delivers “best practise” across multiple stakeholders. The courses, which range from half a day to a week in length, are tailored to meet the needs of not only practitioners, but also managers and directors, with a key element focussing on change management.

Spatial Databases, GIS Projects & Map Creation

Through our vast experience and knowledge of GIS and spatial and business data management, we provide advice, guidance and support in the development and implementation of your database from concept, through design, build and population to the publishing of your information to the web or through other channels. We create and maintain spatial databases, GIS projects and bespoke mapping on behalf of our clients. Services include data and process auditing, data collation, extraction and transformation, metadata creation, maintenance and publishing, standard and bespoke reporting, performance monitoring and review. We help with efficient data exchange including electronic submissions to regulators for consents and licences prior to exploration, deployment, extraction or development. We also provide advice on efficient data exchange between and within internal and external project teams to ensure the most appropriate data is accessible when and where it is needed.