Design and Installations

OceanWise has over 40 years combined experience working in the marine industry with oceanographic instrumentation and as such has the expertise to advise on both projects and day to day requirements

No matter what stage of your project – be it at the initial thoughts phase ‘I need to measure…’ or further down the design phase ‘which kit will work best in my environment’ come and talk to us and we will be happy to discuss your ideas.

Working closely with our oceanographic instrument partners, OceanWise have been involved with the development of a standardised environmental monitoring enclosure unit which utilises sensor equipment common to the needs of the industry. Specifically this unit was designed to accommodate tidal height and wave recorders along with conductivity/temperature/density sensors and various meteorology devices. Two-way communication is provided by a state-of-the-art GPRS modem and the entire unit can be mains powered, or charged by a combination of solar/wind power devices.

In addition to hardware, OceanWise have experience in writing software packages to take advantage of the vast quantity of data provided by oceanographic recording systems. Specifically we have advised on the processing, quality control and storage mechanisms as well as display and reporting methodologies that provide the types of output which marine industry clients demand and expect.