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Data Management and Capacity Building

Our standard training courses for Data Management and Capacity Building are all modular in nature and include:

  • ½-day Management briefings on Data Management
  • 1-day Marine Data Management Awareness Course
  • 1-day Fundamentals of Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSDI)
  • 2-day Data Management and MSDI for Managers
  • 4-day Data Management and MSDI for Practitioners

The 2 and 4-day courses can be extended by a day to include practical subjects such as developing the organisational Vision, Data Policy statements, devising a Data Strategy, developing Data Management Plans and Data Governance frameworks.

Management briefings on Data Management
Aimed at Directors and Ministers, our half-day briefing sessions cover the high level considerations necessary to deliver real efficiencies in an organisation by adopting ‘lean’ management principles around data and its governance and how this translates into improved operational effectiveness.

Marine Data Management Awareness Course
Delivered in conjunction with the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST), this 1-day course is aimed at those who work with marine data from its capture, processing, ingestion, re-use and curation and those seeking to discover, view, download and transform data. It shows how effective data management can improve your organisation’s efficiency in data acquisition, storage and analysis. It will ensure you understand data use with respect to corporate risk, re-use, audit and traceability whilst at the same time minimising costs. The course introduces Data Governance, the Data Lifecycle, Data Standards, Data Quality, Metadata and Publishing. Please click here for the course syllabus.

For the dates of the next course, and details on how to book, please see our Events Page or visit the IMarEst website

Fundamentals of Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSDI)
Our 1-day overview workshop, delivered to many national hydrographic offices and commercial companies, covers the four pillars of MSDI, namely Content (Data), Standards and Specifications, Technology (ICT) and Governance (People and Organisations) and how these crucial elements need to interact to ensure MSDI can be successfully delivered. After all, MSDI is not about software or hardware but is a way of working designed to deliver ‘best practise’ in terms of operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Data Management and MSDI for Managers
A 2-day course specifically aimed at senior managers and decision makers in government, non-government organisations (NGO) and the commercial sector. It equips the attendee with the knowledge necessary in making better management decisions based on ‘best practise’ data governance principles. It specifically examines data through its life-cycle from collection, ingestion to sharing, re-use and archiving. We have delivered this course to national and regional government bodies across the World.

Data Management and MSDI training for Practitioners
This 4-day ‘in-depth’ course is aimed at practitioners who are working, or intend to work, with geospatial, operational or business data in government or commercial companies. The training examines data and its constituent elements including governance, life-cycle, quality, management and metadata. We also focus on how organisational culture and individuals respond to the changes necessary to adopt a ‘data centric’ approach to their operations. We have delivered this training across the World on behalf of the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) through its capacity building programme and to individual government departments and agencies and has been received very positively.

Technical Training

Introduction to GIS using Cadcorp SIS
A 1-day course introducing the concept of GIS using marine specific examples. Provides both lecture based training and practical exercises. Can be run in house at your site or attend one of our centrally run courses. Please Contact Us for details of the next course.

Intermediate use of GIS using Cadcorp SIS
A 1-day course extending the use and knowledge of GIS to look at specific topics in detail. Training is customised by selecting the modules that are relevant to your use of data. Modules include Data Analysis, Using Databases, Data Editing and Topology.

Introduction to Maritime Toolbar
Half-day introductory session provides access to and use of the tools available within our OceanWise Maritime Toolbar software and includes hands-on exercises.

OceanWise Data Products
Half day course introducing Marine Themes Vector, Marine Themes DEM, Raster Charts and Raster Charts XL products and services.

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