Mobile Weather Station for Royal Yacht Squadron

Marine-Planning-Interactive OceanWise has delivered a mobile weather station and online monitoring system to the Royal Yacht Squadron, Cowes, thus marking a departure from the company’s principal customer base in ports, harbours and marine terminals, oil and gas, and offshore renewable energy. The system will assist RYS Race Officers to determine courses and decide on the position of racing marks during sailing events such as the prestigious Cowes Week Regatta.

The system comprises weather monitoring equipment from Gill Instruments and OceanWise’s Smart Telemetry Unit, the ip.buffer, housed in a robust case that can be transported and easily set up on Committee and Mark Laying vessels during race days. Monitoring data is processed by the ip.buffer and sent in real-time to OceanWise’s online Environmental Data Sharing and Publishing platform, Race Officers are able to select from a variety of displays including a web map interface showing the location of the race support vessels in relation to other features, such as sandbanks and navigation marks. Vessel tracks and other overlays can be added to the map interface as required.

To hear OceanWise speak about this project, then please register to attend the 59th Marine Measurement Forum taking place on Friday 7th July at BP Upstream Learning Centre, Sunbury-on -Thames.