Movement of Brent Delta Oil Rig to Hartlepool aided by OceanWise

Marine-Planning-Interactive OceanWise created a high resolution Port Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC) for PD Teesport in order for its pilots to safely bring in the Brent Delta Oil Rig topside for decommissioning at the Able Yard in Hartlepool on Tuesday 2 May. The rig weighing 24,200 tonnes was transported from its location in the North Sea to Hartlepool by the world’s largest ship the’ Pioneering Spirit’ before transferred to the barge, the ‘Iron Lady’.

The requirement became apparent a few days before the movement was to take place with the last harbour survey completed the day before the ship movement. The Port ENC was delivered on the morning of the event, enabling safe passage to the Able Yard that same afternoon.

The existing published ENC cell for the Seaton Channel contained little detail and with the channel being dredged for this ship movement, there was no time to get the published ENC updated with the new depth information.

The Port ENC was created using OceanWise Maritime Toolbar ENC Writer extension, which is in the process of being deployed in PD Teesport. The chief pilot, Mark Green, who did the pilotage said that the ENC cell was ÔÇ£priceless and pivotal to a successful manoeuvreÔÇØ.