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Cross-Port Benefits of Geospatial Technology

The benefits of modern GIS systems do not need to be restricted to just one or two experts in a port. Alex Hughes finds out who else can put geospatial data to good use

Ports making smarter use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) digital platforms to store information about land and assets are benefiting from improved geospatial data management throughout the business, within budgets that don’t break the bank.

OceanWise has worked on various geospatial systems integration projects. Managing Director Dr Mike Osborne comments that installation of a GIS system alone will not deliver simple and rapid access to cartographical information. “The key to successfully implementing GIS is by developing and implementing data governance and a geospatial data management strategy. GIS is a software, just like Excel or Word, and is nothing without the policies and procedures that underpin it“, he says.

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