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Marine Data Management and GIS Workshop

We will be hosting our popular Marine Data Management & GIS Workshop on Wednesday 22nd November 2017 at The School of Economic Science, 11 Mandeville Place, London W1U 3AJ. This year’s theme is “Modernising Our Approach to Data Management”.
If you are

  • struggling to come to terms with the volume of data you collect?
  • perplexed by the processes needed to manage that data?
  • unsure of the value and benefit GIS can bring to your operations?

Then this event should be of interest to you.
At this free-to-attend event, we will show and demonstrate ways you can make life easier for yourselves, your decision makers and stakeholders and also demonstrate how GIS technologies and OceanWise products and services are successfully delivering savings in time, effort and money.
As always, the workshop provides a great opportunity to network, share experiences with government, industry and academic experts and practitioners involved in managing assets or providing decision support and situational analysis across the marine and coastal space.
To reserve your place please register or contact Janet Lockey or telephone on 01420 768262
To view the draft programme click here

Data Management and GIS Workshop

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