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Dr Mike Osborne to make Key note Speech at HydroSea 2018

We are very pleased to announce that Dr Mike Osborne, Managing Director of OceanWise Ltd, will be making a Keynote address on “Data Management to Hydrography” at the upcoming HydroSea 18 in Malaysia (19th-20th September).

Hydrographers have been managing data for a long time, since the first sounding was taken, or chart compiled. Important aspects of data management, such as metadata (data about data), have been present in hydrography since the first survey report was issued, fairsheet sent to the nautical cartographer, or navigational chart published to the mariner.

So why then has data management become such a topical issue, and why are more hydrographers wishing to add data management expertise to their skill base

Mike’s speech will address what has changed in hydrography to bring the above about and what challenges are now apparent. It will provide solutions to these challenges, including a different way of thinking about data, and introduces some latest developments, including highlighting some that are being presented in other papers during the conference.

For full event details and registration please click here.

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