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Launch of ‘Raster Charts XL Oceans’ imminent!

We are eagerly anticipating the launch of our product extension to Raster Charts XL called Raster Charts XL ‘Oceans’, a global dataset which provides a contextual, authoritative ocean-wide resource ready to be paired with global land mapping of the user’s choice e.g. Open Street Map. The dataset is ideal for use as a familiar global base map of the world oceans in desktop and web GIS. It is being launched down to a scale of 1:3.5 Million. Watch out for our product bulletin coming soon…

What is Raster Chart eXcluding Land (XL)?

Raster Charts XL are just like standard Raster Charts but we have cleverly snipped out all the land and replaced it with clear pixels -why? Because the land on standard Raster Charts is a monotone yellow colour with very little detail, so whilst you have a great map of the marine area, you have a substandard map for the land and land based features. By removing the land and providing it as clear pixels we allow the user to insert their own preferred land data (i.e. Ordnance Survey maps, Open Street Map, aerial imagery or any others). The end result is a raster chart that has all the essential detail areas without having to compromise on the land.

Have you seen our mapping demo site? Please click here

Why choose Raster Charts XL?

  • Non-marine areas are provided as transparent pixels to allow the inclusion and display of digital land mapping, such as from a National Mapping Agency, Open Street Map or Google Maps.
  • Land and other non-marine features have been removed
  • Available is GIS compatible file formats, charts, panels or as seamless data services
  • Immediate image which is symbolised and ready to use
  • No additional software is required to open in any image viewer

How do we select our Raster Charts XL coverage?

Raster Charts XL provides a seamless base map at standard zoom level. Individual charts are carefully selected and combined to best address overlaps in coverage and chart boundary issues. Larger scale zoom levels will be provided as users demand grows, subject to availability and permissions granted by the contributing nations worldwide. At present Raster Charts XL is available at all scale (or zoom) levels in Northwest Europe and the Arabian Gulf.

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