Scotland Marine Data Management and GIS Workshop 2016

OceanWise, the UK’s leading independent marine data management, publishing and GIS specialists, hosted its first Marine Data Management and GIS Workshop in Scotland on 21st April. The theme for the day was ‘Data Management Best Practice – why managing such a valuable asset will save you time, effort and money’. The keynote address was provided by the Data Management Association (DAMA(UK)) during which the audience learnt about the significant risks associated with inadequate data governance and its impact on businesses. Throughout the day the audience heard from government and commercial users about new and innovative developments in the use of GIS and web services as well as hearing about case studies highlighting the benefits of introducing GIS into operational workflows. If you couldn’t make it on the day or simply would like to revisit something all presentation slides have been made available below.

Taming the Waves: The Foundations of Effective Data Management

Presented by Nigel Turner, Data Management Association – DAMA
In the keynote address, Nigel Turner of the Data Management Association (DAMA), explained the importance of data governance and good data management and how bad data management could have a negative financial impact on your business. Using real-life examples Nigel was able to hit home the key messages that are critical to business success.

How Marine Scotland uses its National Marine Plan Interactive – NMPi

Presented by Martyn Cox, Marine Scotland
Martyn Cox, of Marine Scotland, explained how they use the NMPi to support national and marine planning, advise emergency response and licensing as well as the NMPi acting as a portal for open government data.

Heritage Matters – Recording Scotland’s Historic Maritime Environment

Presented by Peter McKeague, Historic Environment Scotland
Peter McKeague, of Historic Environment Scotland (HES), explained how they use Canmore, the online catalogue to Scotland’s archaeology, buildings, industrial and maritime heritage, to access and store data about Scotland’s historic maritime environment.

Consuming Mapping on the Web

Presented by George Wright & Caroline Levey, OceanWise
George Wright & Caroline Levey, of OceanWise, explained how OGC standard web services can help alleviate the data management issues related to handling maritime data using traditional file based formats. During a live demo Caroline Levey showed attendees just how easy it is to use web services in popular GIS systems.

Real Time Data Sharing and Publishing

Presented by John Pepper, OceanWise
John Pepper, of OceanWise, explained how OceanWise’s Environmental Data Sharing & Publishing offering can help streamline maritime operations for VTS operators, data scientists and more using a selection of case studies.

Delivering operational benefits to Peels Ports through GIS

Presented by Jonathan Craig, Peel Ports Group
Johnathan Craig, of Peel Ports Group, explained how the introduction of GIS has delivered operational benefits throughout the Peel Ports group. In his presentation Jonathan explained how GIS is used to simplify Hydrographic Chart production and S-57 Bathymetric Data (using Maritime Toolbar) amongst many others.

Scale and context of offshore activities on the UKCS – A Guide for Offshore Oil and Gas Decommissioning

Presented by Pete Hayes, Scottish Government
Pete Hayes, of Scottish Government, explained how GIS provides detailed insights into options for offshore oil and gas decommissioning. Such insights may prove crucial in a period of difficulty for the oil and gas industry where the increased risk of premature decommissions could impact other maritime operations like fishing.