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OceanWise contribute to the “Big Marine Data Project”

The Blue Marine Foundation, a charity dedicated to creating marine reserves and establishing sustainable models of fishing, has completed a “Big Data” project which sought to investigate how data can be used to support safety in inshore waters.

The focus of the project “has been the current lack of collated and integrated data to effectively inform safety and risk at the coast and inshore waters”.

OceanWise, who are marine data experts and provide a range of intelligent marine data (mapping) products have provided the mapping data for situational awareness and to allow multiple sources of data to be integrated using location as the common link. The assembly of disparate datasets into a ‘spatial data infrastructure’ will inform safety and risk assessments and allow preventative measures to be established and resources used in emergency response to be more effective.

Tim Glover UK Projects Director from the Blue Marine Foundation comments: “We were delighted to have OceanWise working with us on this ground-breaking Big Marine Data project. Together with the University of Southampton and Plymouth Marine Laboratory, they added huge value to extending the collection, modelling and application of data to better understand risk of life and property at sea…”

Dr Mike Osborne, OceanWise Managing Director, commented “Projects like those that the Blue Marine Foundation undertake are essential as the volumes, variety and velocity of data expands and presents us regularly with new dynamic challenges. Marine data has often been forgotten in the past behind its terrestrial counterpart, but now we are seeing more interest and focus on our Oceans than ever before”.

The Big Marine Data project has shown that better use of big data and a focus on marine data, can contribute to addressing the many safety and environmental challenges in the world’s oceans. OceanWise are proud to have worked with the Blue Foundation and contributed to this important project. “We believe that overcoming these challenges can be supported by a modern approach to data management and governance”.

OceanWise have produced a variety of free white papers and online resources which provide information and guidance on marine spatial data infrastructures and marine data management. Please click here for your free copy / more information or here for details on their marine specific training courses.

More information on the Blue Marine Foundation and the Big Marine Data Project can be found here.

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