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OceanWise further improves integration of its environmental data storage and publishing solution ‘Port-Log’ by adding an API

As connectivity becomes more and more important and the volume and complexity of data increases, businesses are seeking applications and systems that can ‘talk to each other’ to provide integrated solutions. Avoiding ‘data silos’ (a repository of fixed data that is isolated from other applications or departments) and allowing systems to connect can lead to many benefits including improved clarity and flexibility as well as savings in time, resources and money.

An Application Programming Interface (API) can allow programs to communicate with each other by metaphorically ‘opening the door’ on one application and allowing another to interact with it.

Connectivity is particularly important for real-time environmental data, as this data is often essential for operational decision making. When timing and safety is critical – you need your environmental data easily accessible, in one place, up to date and in the right format.

OceanWise is fast becoming the go-to provider for environmental monitoring systems and is well known for its expertise in integrating systems and sensors and publishing varied, and sometimes complex, data into a single output (i.e. a web page – see below image).

OceanWise’s latest development for Port-Log, the quick and easy storage and publishing solution for environmental data, is the addition of an API. Essentially what the API does is allow customers to gain control over how Port-Log (or rather their environmental data stored within Port-Log) is used in their organisation, maximising the benefits of the data and providing a way for customers to integrate data into their own processes and workflows and support their specific business needs.

Above image: Example of a Port-Log display page showing real-time wind, met, water and tidal information. By using the Port-Log API, organisations have the flexibility to extract their data from Port-Log and integrate it into their own processes and workflows.

The new Port-Log API provides data in response to HTTP requests and in doing so can be accessed with virtually any programming language, thus making it easily integrated into existing systems.

OceanWise believe that data matters and their vision is to “help organisations with interests in the marine and coastal environment to realise the benefits that a modern approach to data management and decision support can bring”.

By providing end to end solutions for all environmental monitoring requirements, be it a single sensor or a complex multi-faceted integrated system, OceanWise can help organisations maximise the value from their data and their investments.

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