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OceanWise, in collaboration with Marico Marine, are to deliver a new environmental monitoring system to the Port of Dover

Marico Marine and OceanWise will collaborate on this auspicious project, bringing together both companies’ unique expertise.

OceanWise will be designing, integrating and installing a new system to monitor, manage and publish environmental data in the Port of Dover.

Robert Proctor, Oceanographer at OceanWise commented: “We will install a new tide station and a range of sensors which will monitor the constantly changing environmental conditions at the Port. Historical and real-time data will be published via the OceanWise system ‘Port-Log’ which integrates the often-complex range of sensor data and displays it into an easy-to-use single output (web page) which can be shared, viewed and manipulated by multiple users”.

The OceanWise system makes up part of the new ‘state of the art’ system being installed at the port, which has been designed to improve operations, support decision making and enhance efficiencies.

Example of Port-Log display above

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