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OceanWise sign new South American Partner

OceanWise Ltd. has announced an exciting new partnership with South American based Marine Pollution Prevention and Preparation SA (M3P).

M3P is an independent company, established in 2008, located in Panama, Guatemala and Honduras, offering high quality technical services in the disciplines of environmental consulting specialising in the following maritime sectors: shipping and ports, oil and chemical pollution, spill contingency plans, ship and port waste reception and treatment, pollution prevention and control programs.

UK based OceanWise Ltd., that has a portfolio of speciality products and services that cater for the unique requirements of the marine industry, is looking forward to developing its relationship and exploring new opportunities with M3P in South and Central America.

Key to the partnership will be the expansion of OceanWise’s data platform Port-Log, which is widely used by a majority of ports in the UK and increasingly across the world. The system which provides a quick and easy storage and publishing solution for environmental data is consistently being developed to cater for the changing needs of this important sector.

Both OceanWise and M3P share many core values and visions, including the aim to provide the highest quality service to their clients, a flexible approach and commitment to technical excellence.

Klaus Essig, president of M3P comments:

“The partnership with OceanWise will provide regional leadership in the formulation and implementation of environmental services and strategies and partnerships of
stakeholders to solve environmental problems. Likewise, this will facilitate the processes of prevention and protection of environmental impacts and formulation of mitigation measures in the regional port industry.

M3P is very satisfied and proud of this partnership with OceanWise, which will positively impact the region, promoting port environmental management with high quality standards, technological innovation and promoting the transition to smart ports.”

Dr Mike Osborne, OceanWise’s MD adds:

“OceanWise has been active in the Meso America and Caribbean Region for a number of years but we are confident that the partnership with M3P will take that to a new level, with M3P now able to offer their customers the range of environmental monitoring data acquisition, management and visualization tools that our customers elsewhere have been enjoying for many years”.

For more information about the OceanWise Port-Log system contact info@oceanwise.eu OR view the demo site at demo.port-log.net.

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