Successful Factory Acceptance Test for the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority


We welcomed two team members from the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) to our offices in Alton recently to carry out the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) on the environmental monitoring system which we will be installing at the Ports of Tema and Takoradi in Ghana in the coming few months.

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Over the course of a few days we successfully completed the FAT and agreed the implementation plan which includes the supply and installation of two tide and weather stations and the integration of the OceanWise data publishing platform Port-Log. 85% of Ghana’s trade arrives and departs through their ports, so they represent an important part of the country’s infrastructure. We are proud to be working with GPHA, alongside the UK’s National Oceanography Centre (NOC), on this important project.

Set within the industrial city 30 km from Accra, the country’s capital city, the Port of Tema is the largest port in Ghana, with a land area in excess of 3.9 million square metres. The port receives an average of over 1,650 vessel calls per year, comprising container, general cargo, tankers, Ro-Ro and cruise ships. GPHA’s vision is to be “the leading container hub and the beacon of trade and industry in West Africa”. OceanWise is delighted to be working with GPHA to help them achieve this aim.