Port-Log Installed

Port-Log is an “off the shelf” real-time environmental system.

It incorporates the Ocean Database (ODB) model to efficiently store a wide variety of environmental data types which it presents to users via an advanced web-based information/control panel.

Port-Log can be deployed as a subscription service, where a client’s existing infrastructure is connected to the Port-Log cloud server. This provides all of the functionality and control of the system operation but with none of the IT management overheads or hassle.

Alternatively Port-Log can be deployed as a full system, using new or existing hardware and IT equipment that is specified by the client. Port-Log works with a variety of IT and database architectures, cable and telemetry communication infrastructure and various sensor and data logger products providing ultimate flexibility to clients and users.

By employing a web-based user interface, the system can be made available within a private network or publically on the web. Versatile User/Role management allows the system to limit access or control to specific users/ groups using the latest web security technologies.

To view a demonstration of the Port-Log software please go to demo.port-log.net

OceanWise provides advice, installation, support (for both software and hardware through our partners) and training on all Port-Log deployments giving peace of mind and value for money.


  • Fast and versatile web-based control system
  •  Can access live data, graphs, data download and system status/controls from any PC/tablet/smart phone via the web (if configured)
  •  Secure user/role control system

  • ODB available for a variety of database architectures (keep your existing system)
  • Subscription service uses OceanWise cloud web-server & database – no hassle or overheads

  • Use existing hardware or let us advise on a new installation.
  • Connect virtually any environmental sensor to the system
  • Transmit data via cable, GPRS(mobile), UHF, Microwave or AIS