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OceanWise launches Port-Log Connect

OceanWise’s latest product launch enhances its commitment to continually support the development of environmental data monitoring services in Ports and Harbours.

Port-Log* Connect delivers reliable data direct from source to system. It resolves current limitations such as requiring a direct line of site between the tide gauge and survey vessel and the increasingly unreliable, over saturated, UHF transmission frequencies.

OceanWise’s Port-Log Connect, coupled with Portable Tide Gauges use GPRS, providing a cost-effective solution which eliminates the shortcomings and ensures bi-directional, reliable, accessible telemetry.

How are we doing it? We connect a tide sensor to an ip.buffer running special scripts and our newly launched Port-Log Connect. The system is shipped in a Peli-Case for ease of installation and can be powered either by solar panels or using a mains charger. The internal batteries enable it to run for 5-10 days, depending on the sampling rate.

OceanWise has been a pioneer of the concept of a port, when considered more widely, as being a maritime information infrastructure embracing geospatial, environmental and operational data sources.

*Port-Log is a quick and easy storage and publishing solution for environmental data acquired by different monitoring techniques and sensors. It can be provided as pure cloud-based subscription service, or as an inhouse installed system. For more details on Port-Log please click here

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