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OceanWise to present on Multi-purpose ENC’s for ports at this year’s European Maritime Pilots Association (EMPA) Conference 2019

This years EMPA (European Maritime Pilots Association) is coming to Liverpool from the 22 to the 24th of May

As well as exhibiting during the event and enjoying the conference programme, Caroline Levey Operations Director at OceanWise will be speaking on Thursday (23rd May) on the subject of “Multi-purpose ENC’s for Ports”. Please find below a synopsis of her upcoming presentation:

Ports require access to a wide range of data and information to function safely and efficiently, some acquired from external stakeholders but most generated internally within the port but very often managed and held within a single software application, department or business function.

Improving how data is managed and being able to access it for multi-purposes becomes an integral part of how a modern or ‘smart’ port should aim to operate in the future. This includes using the same sets of data for multiple purposes including the creation of ENCs for internal use by pilots and VTS centres and exchanging data easily and efficiently internally and externally.

The first step to publishing official ENCs is now within the grasp of most modern ports!

For more information on creating your own Port ENC’s please contact us on 01420 768262 / info@oceanwise.eu. For details of our ENC writer software tool please click here or download the brochure here.

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