Quick and easy storage and publishing of environmental monitoring data.

The ability to store environmental monitoring data securely and publish it in near real-time or historically on the web is a common requirement for many organisations and projects. However, acquiring and implementing the technologies needed to achieve this can be complex and costly.

Port-Log.net is a quick and easy on-line storage and publishing solution for environmental data acquired by different monitoring techniques and sensors.

Port-Log.net is totally instrument and transmission independent and hence can be used flexibly and comprehensively within most applicable environments. Software recognises data inputs from a wide range of different instruments, decodes this data and stores it securely in Ocean Database.

OceanWise can advise on instrument types, telemetry equipment and installation methods. All equipment can be supplied, deployed and maintained by one of OceanWise’s specialist partners with many years of operating experience worldwide. Please contact us for details.

Port-Log.net is provided on secure servers hosted and maintained by an OceanWise professional IT partner. Bandwidth and storage expands as required to ensure speed of response is maintained.

Alternatively, the Port-Log Software behind Port-Log.net can be installed at your premises, where there is a preference for your data and web services to be maintained in-house. As either an on-line subscription service, Port-Log.net, or in-house installation, Port-Log Software, is ideal as part of an integrated data management system or Enterprise SDI.