Data Sharing and Publishing

When you need to easily collect, manage and share weather, tidal and other environmental data

Monitoring data is only half the story. Your monitoring system should do more than just collect data – it should be a management tool. Just monitoring and measuring is not enough if you need to share it with others, combine it with other data, and make it easy to access and understand.

Don’t just monitor it, manage it!

We apply our data management, software and telemetry skills to deliver practical solutions for publishing and sharing data, and help you make the most of your existing data and monitoring systems.

We offer:

Data Telemetry – we work with specialist providers, such as Scannex, to deliver secure, flexible and cost-effective ways of acquiring data from marine and other harsh coastal and offshore environments.

Ocean Database (ODB) – our data management solution that loads and store many standard types of simple and complex marine and environmental data.

Port-Log – our quick and easy off-the-shelf solution for when you need to store, publish and share environmental data acquired by different monitoring techniques and sensors. Available as, our online-subscription service, or as Port-Log System, our installed system on site.

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