Maritime Toolbar and Workflow Extensions

Powerful and easy to use tools for manipulating maritime data directly in GIS

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) offer multiple benefits to maritime users wishing to store, analyse and disseminate environmental, asset and other data with a spatial component. Maritime Toolbar and its optional Workflow Extensions provide easy access to functions commonly required to help maintain assets, locate obstructions and assess and report on environmental conditions.

Used in conjunction with an existing data storage system, or combined with  Ocean Database, Maritime Toolbar is currently available as a plug-in to Cadcorp SIS, which can be provided as a bundled product. Installation, data migration and training are provided as options.

Recent functionality additions include Coordinate Translators, Bathymetric and Port Electronic Navigational Chart (bENC/pENC) Creation and Differential Surface Calculations.

The functionality of Maritime Toolbar can be extended, by linking to Ocean Database, to incorporate Hydrographic Survey, Dredging data, Environmental Sampling and Asset Management data. These Workflow Extensions allow both current and historical data to be effectively managed. They enable fast interrogation and reporting of the data and use the power of GIS to allow further analysis not available within a standard database.

Hydrographic Survey Management Extension
Dredging and Licensing Management Extension
Environmental Samples Management Extension
Infrastructure and Asset Management Extension