Marine Themes DEM

A seabed surface model created using original survey data with chart derived infill

Marine Themes DEM (Digital Elevation Model) comprises a detailed and accurate model of the seabed using the most recent single and multi-beam survey data available as input, with chart derived data providing additional coverage. Each survey is assessed and carefully selected in a process known as de-confliction. The model can be read directly into GIS and offers many advantages. These include an attributed coastline to improve the accuracy of the DEM at the coastal boundary and an improved interpolation method for a natural seabed shape.

The DEM is available at two resolutions: a 1 arc second model supplied as 0.5 degree tiles and a 6 arc second model supplied as 2 degree tiles. A coverage layer supplied as a GIS compatible data file provides details of the data sources used in DEM creation.

The DEM is a perfect dataset to access using on-line web services which our Distributors can make available for fast delivery of the data.

Sample data is available from our Downloads page.

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View Marine Theme DEM Metadata on the MEDIN portal or visit our Downloads page for XML or CSV format files