Raster Charts XL

Nautical base map with land and other non-marine related features removed

Raster Charts XL is identical to Raster Charts but eXcludes Land (XL) and all other non-marine related features, meaning that Raster Charts XL can be used directly in combination with digital land mapping, such as from a National Mapping Agency, OpenStreetMap or Google Maps. The familiarity of the nautical chart for the marine area is retained.

Raster Charts XL is also supplied in GeoTIFF format for easy loading and use in GIS. The charts provide an immediate background which is ready symbolised and are available as individual charts for different geographic areas at discrete scale levels. No additional software is required. The data can be opened in any image viewer. Raster Charts XL is available off the shelf for UK Waters and can be supplied on requested for other areas, depending on permissions granted by contributing nations.

Sample data is available from our Downloads page.

If you require more control over the data being displayed and feature attributes then consider our Marine Themes vector product. Also see Raster Charts where land content from Hydrographic Offices is required.

We have demos available for all our web-enabled data products, find them using the link below.

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View Raster Charts XL Metadata on the MEDIN portal or visit our Downloads page for XML or CSV format files